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Buying, renting and investing in Varna house

varna houseVarna house for rent

Varna is a modern city and one of the largest resorts in Bulgaria. A popular tourist center has a large number of attractions and museums. Therefore, this city comes to hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. The cost of renting real estate is pleasantly surprising. The rental of a small Varna house with 2 bedrooms is from 45 euros per night. A modern villa with a swimming pool costs from 70 euros per night. The cost depends on the quality of real estate, square of real estate and season of the rest.

The buying of Varna house for the vacation

Own real estate for recreation on the Black Sea coast is a luxury. But in Bulgaria almost every one can afford this luxury. The most popular property is the suburb of Varna. The cost of the house is from 30,000 euros here. This house is suitable for families with children and for pensioners. Good transport infrastructure allows you to quickly reach Varna. The cost of a house in Varna is from 50,000 euros. On sale there are many houses from the builder. The cost of modern cottages and villas is from 70,000 euros. A large selection of houses in Varna allows you to choose a modern house at the lowest price and in the right place.

House Varna for permanent residence

Varna is not only a tourist center, but also an economic and educational center. More than 10,000 students study here. This city is not only an ideal place for rest, education and business. Many people choose this city for permanent residence. Foreigners, like Bulgarians, have the opportunity to obtain a loan for the purchase of real estate. Some real estate developers can offer different options for payment by installments.

Investing in house Varna

Investing in Bulgarian real estate is the best way to save and multiply money. Varna is a city with developed infrastructure and economy. The number of people increases every year, so there is a great demand for real estate in this city. The profit from investing is from 6% per annum. All variants of Varna houses are on our website http://www.domaza.co.uk/varna_house/
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