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Sunny Beach real estate its first step to your dream

Sunny Beach real estateFeel magic of Sunny Beach. Real estate in place under sun

Sunny Beach is a largest sea resort on the east of Bulgaria. It situated 36 km far from Burgas and 90 km from Varna – two big famous cities. It is a section of historical town Nessebar, which old part belong world heritage of UNESCO. The resort is 10 km along and 100 meters wide in some places. It has yellow sand and exit to marvelous bay of the Black Sea. People from all over the world go there to have rest in luxury place. That`s why if in your head will appear a desire to buy real estate Sunny Beach, you should prepare for big expenditure.

What cost is Sunny Beach real estate?

In the village available next types of properties: villas, cottage and apartments in hotels, flats, accommodations in new buildings, bungalows and houses. Prices starts on €600/m2 and can go to infinity, because housing of premium-class has values without any border. But number of advantage is indefinitely too. The standard complex for usual demand of costumer is same: distance to the sea, amount of bedrooms, bathroom, parking or garage, number of floor, terrace and view to the sea. Presence or absence any of this feature effect on prices. There is not some commercial real estate on the market.

Wish to have Bulgarian real estate – Sunny Beach is the best choice

In Sunny Beach every year hold different festivals and competitions in music, dance or cinema. 30 minutes route to Nessebar gives unlimited quantity of entertainments. Whole resort is one big beach, from hotels line it separated by one street – Promenad st. In central part there are old cheap Soviet buildings. Close to northern part there were build modern rich hotels. Thanks to permanent tourists flow, the annual profit of properties is almost 19%. In 2016, Sunny Beach topped the rating of popular tourist resorts of the international travel portal “Norra” as the most "friendly tourist destination for the family budget".

New offers of real estate in Sunny Beach

Tourists like Sunny Beach for it`s atmosphere of fun and eternal rest. Not far from it is large new Aqua Park. Just imagine: bars, restaurants, café every 50 meters under bright sun close to warm pure sea with yellow sand. But prices on this resort a bit higher, than in other well-known beaches in Bulgaria. To see propositions of housing in Sunny Beach and select appropriate for you visit this page: www.domaza.co.uk/sunny_beach_real_estate/
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City / Community: Sunny Beach

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City / Community: Sunny Beach

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City / Community: Elenite resort

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