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Home in Plovdiv

Home in PlovdivWhat you should know about the city before purchase your Plovdiv home

Getting accommodation in Plovdiv is a great opportunity for lovers of travelling. It has been described as the oldest inhabited city in Europe and is also one of the brightest stars on the continent. Apart from its magnificent treasures, it is also one of the most culturally vibrant places in the world. The ancient city of Plovdiv, built around seven hills, offers the best views of traditional architecture in southeastern Europe. If you want to know how cities were before the 20th century, this is the place for you, with narrow cobblestone streets and houses furnished with a rich mix of Eastern and Western styles, history will be present in front of your eyes in great sights and footage. Hurry up and get your own Plovdiv home.

Why you should think about getting a Plovdiv home

Plovdiv has a landscape of lively arts and literary events, diverse exhibitions with the opera house, music rooms and live theater, including Balabanov House, an architectural gem with a wide range of live performances from the theater to classical music. In fact, the Plovdiv International Folklore Festival is held here every year, an event that brings together hundreds of spectators from all over Bulgaria. Plovdiv also hosts the three-day International Jazz Festival in late autumn. The old town is full of restaurants, cafes as well as tourists, so the prices here can be higher than anywhere else in town and there are few affordable options left.

Invest in a home Plovdiv

This is the place, where renting homes is popular not only among foreigners, but also locals. You can easily own your home in Plovdiv, enjoy your time there and rent it later on, getting a very nice return on your investment. Now it’s not the time to sell, as the tourism sector began to recover at the expense of British and Scandinavian countries. We recommend you to rent housing and get the maximum possible income up to 10%.

Prices range for home Plovdiv

Prices for properties in Plovdiv vary, depending on location and space. Thus, 1 bedroom apartments with a total area of 62 square meters and amazing view cost around € 50,000. If you have a small family, then you can get a fully furnished apartment in a nice compound for around € 80,000. The apartment like this is located in the 5th floor and has a total area of 91 square meters. If you are willing to have your own housing in Plovdiv, check the following link: https://www.domaza.co.uk/plovdiv_home/
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