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Are cheap houses in Bulgaria good?

Cheap houses in BulgariaChoice of cheap houses in Bulgaria

What can be better than the realization you open the door of your own house. It does not matter that this house is huge or of the moderate size, new or older. The one thing that is really important is that this building with doors, windows, and rooms is yours. Our world is full of wonderful spots where you can find your home. Bulgaria is one of such places. Moreover, it comes with a bonus. The prices for property are quite low here and this fact attracts lots of potential owners. This time we will tell you about cheap houses in Bulgaria; what they are, and where you can find them.

How do cheap houses in Bulgaria look like?

We have to be honest and admit that some of the extremely cheap offers you can come across in the country are frightening, shaggy, and half-oriented buildings. They, of course, have their buyers, but we will tell you about much better but still low-budget variants. The first thing you should take into account is that such kind of property is usually located somewhere near cities and town or in the countryside. Thus, if you sit comfy in your chair and start browsing the areas around cities in Bulgaria, what will you find? Detached houses with gardens and yards, two- and three-storey houses, single floor homes, chalets, townhouses, etc. can pique your interest. The locations you can spot them are, for example, nearby Plovdiv, Montana, Vidin, Yambol, Gradets or in Bansko, Burgas and other areas.

Cheap house in Bulgaria price

What will you say about a detached house near Montana for €2,900? This could be the nice offer. Other variants are, for instance, a two-storey house near Vidin for €3,000, a large house near Lovech for €5,500 or a family house near Plovdiv priced €5,800. You can also become an owner of a country house nearby Veliko Tarnovo for €7,000, a villa in Gradets for €7,000, a chalet in Bansko for €15,500 or a bungalow near Varna for €29,000. We consider these to be very attractive offers. The chances to find a budget rental house are great either. If this interests you, here you are a few examples. €155 a month is the price for a house in Stara Zagora. A single-storey house in Vidin may cost €300 a month. You can live in Bansko in a two-storey house for €500 per month or in a villa in Varna for €600 a month. There is no lack of such offers in every corner of the country.

What have you to know about the cheap house in Bulgaria?

The moment your dream comes true is magical and unforgettable. However, the great work guarantees that everything will be perfect. Check every detail, ask lots of questions, take an active part in the process and everything will be all right. The first step, however, is to choose your desired house on www.domaza.co.uk/cheap_houses_in_bulgaria/
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