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Meet cheap apartments in Sunny Beach!

Cheap apartments in Sunny BeachLovely and neat – cheap apartments in Sunny Beach

How many places with such a nice name can you recall? At the moment you hear words ‘Sunny Beach’, start the countdown leading to an amazing and adventurous summer on the coast of the Black Sea. Pack your suitcases, put on your sunglasses, and do not forget to take your joyous and sunny mood. You have not to worry about your home in this Bulgarian town. Both for holidaymakers and for people with the intention to settle here, there is the great number of cheap apartments in Sunny Beach. Push aside an image of some shaggy and dull dwelling of a low value you may have seen before from your memory. Even the low-cost accommodation in this town can impress you.

Cheap apartments in Sunny Beach – rental offers

What can you expect to see looking for an apartment in Sunny Beach? You will meet just lovely flats with two and three bedrooms. Nice one-bedroom apartments and studio flats will be appearing on your way very frequently. At last, spacious maisonettes and penthouse lodgings will offer their square meters. There are also endless offers of the so-called holiday flats in the town. What should you do with the variety of properties here? Your first move can be to choose a desired one and rent it. The prices sometimes are more than inviting. We have found a studio flat you can rent for €40 a night. There is also the possibility to live in a bedsit for €450 per month. A worthy holiday flat can be yours for a time for €840 a month. The more costly offer is a rental apartment with one-bedroom for €1,300/month. One important tip – you will be able to find a perfect apartment for rent, especially during the season, when you start your searches and book an accommodation beforehand. It is the nice approach because of the choice of flats and their value increase manifold in the ‘hot’ period.

Your own cheap apartment in Sunny Beach

In case you are not interested in flats available for rent, here we have a few extremely attractive for sale offers in Sunny Beach. You have to be ready for the high cost of apartments overlooking the beach and the sea. The town is, however, of the compact size and your travels will not be long. Thus, all the above-mentioned properties can be yours without shaking the foundations of your budget. An offer of a bedsit for €13,000 id good as well as a one-bedroom flat for €20,000. A two-bedroom apartment can be yours for €24,000. It is even possible to come across a penthouse with two levels for €35,000.

Open the door of your cheap apartment in Sunny Beach

You can be doubtful but even the five-start recreation spots such as Sunny Beach are affordable and of your reach. We have proved that after giving a few awesome property variants from this category. Now it is your move. Select an apartment on www.domaza.co.uk/cheap_apartments_in_sunny_beach/
TOP Properties
City / Community: Varna city

Available apartments: 2

from 9 500 €
to 92 000 €
City / Community: Kosharitsa village

Available apartments: 6

from 125 152 €
to 159 432 €
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from 64 430 €
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 99

from 176 805 €
to 1 000 000 €
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from 62 331 €
City / Community: Elenite resort

Available apartments: 1

from 106 290 €
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