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Buy property in Bulgaria

Buy property in BulgariaThings you need to know about the country before you buy property in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is, first of all, real estate by the sea. Along the Black Sea coast, more hotels, housesand luxury villas are being built, and the slopes of the mountains try to meet the European requirements for winter resorts.And this means that Bulgaria is steadily pulling out a part of foreign investments to its side, attractive buyers from all over the world. If you are willing to invest in your future, you should definitely buy property in Bulgaria.

High demand to buy property in Bulgaria

Nowadays, purchase of real estate in Bulgaria is much easier and cheaper than in most European countries. In return, the buyer receives all the conditions for a comfortable rest, and if desired, for a permanent income.Property prices in Bulgaria fell significantly during the crisis, but now the market has stabilized. Despite the gradual increase in the cost of square meters, Bulgarian housing from developers is considered one of the most affordable in Europe.

Buy properties in Bulgaria: the most demanded real estate

The most sought after property is located directly by the sea or within walking distance from it. Budget studios and apartments on the coast cost about 15 000-20 000 Euros. For example, in the area of Sunny Beach for this money you can buy a good studio 200 meters from the sea. In St. Vlas and Byala studios can be purchased on average for 19,000 Euros, apartments 25,000 - 40,000 Euros. Prices for houses in the remote provinces start from 8,000 Euros, while houses near big cities cost from 40 000 Euros.

Price ranges to buy properties in Bulgaria at ski resorts and major cities

At ski resorts, which in terms of service and quality are not inferior to Swiss or Austrian, prices are on average 20% lower than on the coast. For example, in Bansko for 10 000 Euros you can become the owner of a furnished studio or even an apartment with one bedroom. Prices for apartments in Sofia vary between 130,000 and 170,000 Euros, the middle class between 45,000 and 70,000 Euros. Promising in terms of growth in the value of real estate are cities such as Byala, Varna and the Golden Sands resort. In Varna, the cost of apartments is sometimes higher than in Sofia - up to 700 000 Euros. If you are willing to have your own housing in Bulgaria, check the following link: http://www.domaza.co.uk/buy_property_in_bulgaria/
TOP Properties
City / Community: Byala city

Available apartments: 5

from 45 408 €
to 175 504 €
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from 59 900 €
to 60 962 €
City / Community: Golden Sands resort

Available apartments: 120

from 67 074 €
to 373 395 €
City / Community: Lozenets village

Available apartments: 4

from 145 000 €
to 195 000 €
City / Community: Elenite resort

Available apartments: 12

from 48 639 €
to 52 046 €
City / Community: Sofia city

Available apartments: 8

from 10 000 €
to 229 000 €
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