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Bulgarian PropertiesAttractive for purchase Bulgarian properties

The property in Bulgaria is attractive for several reasons. First, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, and the availability of housing there is one step closer to immigration. Secondly, this country is characterized by a rather mild climate, as well as in the southern parts of famous world resorts. Thirdly, the mentality of Bulgarians is very close to the spirit of immigrants from the former USSR. So the main question is how to purchase Bulgarian properties and is it possible to immigrate to Bulgaria on the basis of real estate acquisition?

Specificity of Bulgarian properties

The legislation provides the right of foreigners to purchase residential real estate and land. Until 2011, there was a restriction that didn't allow buying a land plot, on which the purchased house was built. But since January 2012 this restriction is no longer valid. Since January 2014, there has also been no restriction on the purchase of agricultural land, so that investors can invest in agriculture, organizing their own business in Bulgaria. When choosing an object, remember that in this country the notary is not obliged to demand a certificate of encumbrance's absence. And if he assures the deal with real estate, then it will go to the status of "executed", accordingly any encumbrances will pass to the new owner.

Selection and purchase of a Bulgarian property

Real estate abroad costs ten times to check before buying. The same applies to the seller's documents. Each of the documents is desirable to be checked for authenticity (the real estate agency will act as a faithful assistant).
The procedure of housing purchase is as simple as possible and includes several successive steps:
  • Conclusion of the preliminary contract with the seller and payment of the deposit;
  • Payment of the whole amount and final contract;
  • Transfer of documents to the district court for registration of transfer of ownership;
  • State registration of the transaction.

Real estate taxes for a Bulgarian property

Taxes on real estate in Bulgaria are the same for individuals and legal entities. When buying a property the new owner will have to pay the following fees:
  • The fee for entry into the Real Estate Register in the amount of 0.1% of the transaction amount;
  • Tax on the acquisition of real estate - from 0,1 to 3%, depending on the municipal formation;
  • Notary fee.
If you are willing to have your own housing in Bulgaria, check the following link: http://www.domaza.co.uk/bulgarian_properties/
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