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Borovets PropertiesWhat you need to know about the resort before purchasing Borovets properties

The Borovets resort was founded in the 19th century as a hunting area for the Bulgarian kings, then it grew into a modern ski resort with an excellent infrastructure for recreation, attractive restaurants and a wonderful area for skiing. There are opportunities to practice all winter sports - from Alpine disciplines to snowboarding, skating, snowmobiling and much more. Borovets has slopes with a low and high degree of difficulty, which are suitable for skiers with different levels of training. If you are willing to live in a beautiful ski resort, hurry up and get your own Borovets properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Borovets properties

Borovets is a resort with developed infrastructure. People say that visiting Borovets is just for the sake of the spectacular view.  It has numerous restaurants, made in the traditionally hunting style, to the services of tourists. The air in Borovets is imbued with a fragrant smell of smoke - these are local taverns (furs). Here, everyone cooks and heats up with wood, and what can be more pleasant than a good meal, sitting at the living fireplace fire after a good skating?

Property in Borovets for rent

Borovets refers to those cities where you can find affordable property in Bulgaria. You can rent a room in the nearest hotel without any problems, the cost of rooms will please everyone, because there are rooms of economy class, and there is also luxury class. Rental apartments in Borovets carried out through real estate agencies, public or private. Room in a decent and stylistically modern hotel will cost about 100 - 115 Euros, and the price includes breakfast and dinner.

Properties in Borovets for sale

Burovets is a resort where you can perfectly relax, combining active and passive pastime.  The purchase of apartments and houses in Borovets can be done by both physical and legal entity. The average cost per square meter in an area with good infrastructure will be 700-800 Euros, if in the center, then 900 Euros per m2. The house on the outskirts of 50 square meters can be purchased for 30-33 thousand Euros, and the price includes a land plot of 800 square meters. If you are willing to have your own property in Borovets, check the following link: http://www.domaza.co.uk/borovets_properties/
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